national sculptures

The "Thank You Sculpture", which has already been received by over 250 people and institutions worldwide - including well-known personalities such as Stephen Hawking, Jürgen Habermas, Margot Käßmann and Carolin Emcke as well as institutions such as the Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2020 World Food Program, Reporters Without Borders or the German Red Cross, as well as various international universities, organizations and associations - is awarded to honor outstanding commitment in the areas of diversity, inclusion, integration and multiple self-positioning in educational policy. Encouraged by the awarding of the “Rotating Participation Prize”, which is awarded every three months as part of the “Thank You Bielefeld” campaign to local people and institutions that are publicly committed to inclusion and integration, the “Thank You Sculpture” now offers the opportunity to reward people and institutions worldwide for their commitment. It motivates and reminds one to continue working every day towards the common goal of promoting a peaceful coexistence and promoting diversity.