International Sculptures

It is not enough to express "gratitude" only with words.

The "Thank You Sculpture" serves here as a symbol that honors the work of many people and organizations. Often we do not even know what constitutes "gratitude" and how we can pass it on. However, it shapes all of our lives. "Gratitude" not only strengthens our backs, it brings us closer together, helps through difficult times or is perceived as a benefit: 

The award of the “Thankyou-Sculpture” began in 2017 and has so far reached 95 countries. The project will only end when all countries in the world have received the "Thankyou-Sculpture"!

The recipients of the sculpture committed themselves in the most diverse ways to society as a whole. The degree of recognition is not relevant. The only thing that matters is the commitment to the community and its appreciation and recognition, which are highlighted by the awarding of the "Thank You Sculpture". The actors are seen here as role models, sources of strength and inspiration, who act for a worldwide and peaceful coexistence.

I was lucky enough to receive support from people during many setbacks in my life, even if I did not know them directly. Among other things, this has motivated me to send the Thank You Sculpture worldwide and hopefully one day to every country on our planet. Hereby I would like to express that many people are currently in emergency situations and are dependent on the support of others. In this way, the Thank You Sculpture is symbolic of the solidarity that people who are dependent on support need, and it is intended to raise the profile of this sculpture on the world's political agenda.

Dr. Faraj Remmo, Educational Multiple Self Location.

January 2021

UNHCR Germany


“Millions of people around the world are fleeing persecution and violence. The UN Refugee Aid wants to help enable refugees to lead a decent life. She wants refugees to be able to take their future into their own hands.”

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning


“Taking a holistic and integrated, inter-sectoral and cross-sectoral approach to lifelong learning as the guiding paradigm for 21st century education, UIL promotes and supports lifelong learning with a focus on adult learning, continuing education, literacy and non-formal basic education.”

Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission e.V.


“UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural and Communications Organization. It is the only UN organization with a worldwide network of national commissions, currently 199 worldwide.”

Stephen Hawking

United Kingdom

Theoretical physicist and astrophysicist

„Try to make sense of the things you see and question what the universe is made up of. As difficult as life may seem at times, there is always something to be done and to be good at. It is important that you never give up. Remember to look at the stars - not your feet.”

“Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking.”

Marina Abramović


„Art can only be done in destructive societies that have to be rebuilt. “

„I have full solidarity with the Ukrainian people on this impossible day. An attack on Ukraine is an attack on all of us. It´s an attack on humanity and has to be stopped.“


Ai Weiwei


Artist and human rights activist

“I mean, if we give up then we are part of the crime.”

„Your own acts tell the world who you are and what kind of society you think it should be.”

Inclusion International


“Our members work to create a world where people with intellectual disabilities and their families can take part and be valued equally in all areas of their lives.”

European Disability Forum

European Union

“We are European Disability Forum an umbrella organisation of persons with disabilities that defends the interests of over 100 million persons with disabilities in Europe.”



"Greenpeace is committed to protecting the natural basis of life for humans and nature and justice for all living beings worldwide."

World Food Programme


“The World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization saving lives and changing lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience.”

Fridays for Future


“The climate crisis is a real threat to human civilization –

overcoming the climate crisis is the main task of the 21st century.

We demand a policy that does justice to this task.”

Universidad de El Salvador

El Salvador

“The Universidad del Salvador, according to its academic statute, has the following essential and specific objectives:

• The comprehensive formation - scientific, humanistic and Christian - of its students in any profession or discipline, in order to promote professionals, teachers and researchers;

• Scientific research capable of demonstrating the harmonious synthesis of science and faith;

And in general, all higher education aimed at the Christian vision of various human problems.”

Richard Bell


Rafik Schami


"By telling stories, I want to create a sense of togetherness."

International Disability Alliance


“Our Vision: A society which values diversity, respects equality and realizes the full potential of persons with disabilities in order to build a better world for all.”

Universidad Austral de Chile-Campus Patagonia


"Since its inception in 1954 in the city of Valdivia, the Universidad Austral de Chile has accepted the challenge of providing higher education at the highest level and developing in the South Australian region of the country an extension and research of excellence and regional and global impact."

Future Migration: Network for cutural Diversity


“Migration and cultural diversity are core constituents of all human and social endeavors. People, knowledge, ideas, economies, technologies and ecosystems interact under the aegis of globally coded local power structures that favor Europe and the West. It's a fact: Europe is diverse.“

Rashid Center for People of Determination

United Arab Emirates

To help and support students of Determination. Our mission is to develop each student’s ability to participate actively in learning, by designing and delivering an integrated program of Education and Therapies which will enable them to take progressive steps towards learning and experience success.

Prof. Eva Illouz

Morocco / Israel

Professor for sociology

“I would change the nature of desire. Because love is like the market: women and men always want most of what is scarce, what eludes them.”

Hans Küng


"No human coexistence without a global ethic of nations; no peace among nations without peace among religions; no peace among religions without dialogue among religions."

Lotti Latrous Foundation


“Lotti Latrous has traveled a remarkable path: from privileged wife and mother to undeterred fighter in the Adjoffou slum. There she built up a hospital, an outpatient clinic and an orphanage on her own. In doing so, she saved the lives of thousands of people. Since 2017 she is running her center in Grand-Bassam.”

University of Tyumen


“Tyumen University (UTMN) is one of the fastest developing universities in Russia. Today, UTMN, founded in 1930, is one of the largest universities in Russia and one of the leading universities in the prosperous oil-producing region of Tyumen.”

Chineke Foundation


“The Chineke! Foundation was created by Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE in 2015 to provide outstanding career opportunities to established and up-and-coming Black and ethnically diverse classical musicians in the UK and Europe. Chineke!’s motto is: ‘Championing change and celebrating diversity in classical music’. The organisation aims to be a catalyst for change, realising existing diversity targets within the industry by increasing the representation of Black and ethnically diverse musicians in British and European orchestras.”

Universidade Esratal de Paraíba


“Mission: To produce, socialize and apply knowledge, to train qualified, critical and socially engaged professionals in the different fields of knowledge through teaching, research and consultancy activities, in order to contribute to the educational and socio-cultural development of the country, especially the State of Paraíba.”

milieudefensie - Friends of the Earth Netherlands


„Imagine a less wasteful world, a world in which we share the earth’s riches equally with one another, and with future generations. A world that doesn’t exhaust its natural resources. A world that is clean, healthy, sustainable and fair. This is the world that Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) envisions for the future.”

Universidade de Pernambuco


"As a public institution promoting the education of people and the development of scientific and technical knowledge and skills of global relevance according to sound ethical, socio-environmental and cultural principles."

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

United Kingdom

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Vision

The RPO aspires to:

  • be an orchestra for the modern world, unafraid to push boundaries;
  • place orchestral music at the heart of contemporary society, deepening engagement with communities and creative partners;
  • be a respected cultural ambassador locally, nationally and internationally.



Our Commitments
To increase knowledge of worlds and civilizations
Since our beginnings we have studied and tried to understand all societies, their languages and their cultures.

To provide unique expertise about the contemporary world
The intricacies and understanding of a changing world are our core concern.

To celebrate the difference
We are a cross-cultural hub, a melting pot, a community built on cultural exploration.

Gayatri C. Spivak


Literary critic, professor of literary studies and director of the “Center for Comparative Literature and Society” at Columbia University

“When we seem to have won or lost in terms of certainties, we must, as literature teachers in the classroom, remember such warnings -- let literature teach us that there are no certainties, that the process is open, and that it may be altogether salutary that it is so.”

“Cultural Studies and Ethnic Studies are on the rise, and many minority protests that I have witnessed say, in effect, “Do not racially profile us, we are Americans.”

Doctors without Borders


"Doctors Without Borders Germany helps to provide medical assistance to people in need and to alleviate their suffering - regardless of their ethnic origin, political and religious beliefs and gender. The help is based solely on the needs of those in need.”

The House of One


"Three religions. One house. Four rooms.
Something unique worldwide has been growing in Berlin since 2011: Jews, Christians and Muslims are building a house together with a synagogue, a church and a mosque under the roof. A house of prayer and interdisciplinary teaching. A meeting place where people of different religions can get to know one another and exchange ideas. A house also for those who are far removed from religions.”

Terre des hommes


“Our goal is a »terre des hommes«, an »earth of humanity«. We protect children from slavery and exploitation, help refugee children, care for the victims of war, violence and abuse and ensure that children are educated and educated.”

Terre des Femmes


"We are committed to a just world,
where girls and women have the right
to live self-determined, freely and with dignity.”

West-Eastern Divan Orchestra


“The origins of the West-Eastern Divan lie in the conversations between its founders, Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim. Over the course of their great friendship, the Palestinian author/scholar and Israeli conductor/pianist discussed ideas on music, culture and humanity. In their exchanges, they realized the urgent need for an alternative way to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The opportunity to do this came when Barenboim and Said initiated the first workshop using their experience as a model. This evolved into the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra that global audiences know today.”

Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World


"A painter doesn't just consist of his hands, he paints from his heart..."

Arnulf Erich Stegmann

United Nations


"Social Inclusion - Promote inclusive societies for all people of all ages and abilities."

(UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs)

UVM - Universidad Viña del Mar


Inclusión sociolaboral

Asesoría a instituciones y empresas público o privadas para la gestión y evaluación de proyectos inclusivos para organismos estatales y no gubernamentales.”

European Comission Equality


"Strengthening Europe’s commitment to inclusion and equality in all of its senses, irrespective of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Leading the fight against discrimination and developing EU anti-discrimination legislation.

Leading on EU implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Developing a European Gender Strategy to address barriers for women, including gender mainstreaming and equality at work with binding pay transparency..."

(European Commission - Equality)

Matthieu Ricard


Ijoma Mangold

Germany / Nigeria

Literary critic and author

"Liberal society will not win the fight against right-wing populism if it declares the routines of identity politics to be sacrosanct and narrows the space for thought."


Hiroshima University


School of Education – Hiroshima, Japan

„The mission of the Hiroshima University School of Education is to foster excellent teachers ranging from the elementary school to high school levels and leaders who can participate actively in a wide range of vocational fields in a lifelong learning society.“

Prof. Achille Mbembe


Historian and political scientist


“To create is, first and foremost, to create time.” 

Prof. Jeffrey G. Reitz


Professor Emeritus of Sociology, and R.F. Harney Professor Emeritus of Ethnic, Immigration and Pluralism Studies at Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at University of Toronto, Canada

Equity Office, Te Ara Tautika, University of Auckland

New Zealand

Equity Center, Te Ara Tautika, New Zealand

„Achieving equity in employment and education is crucial to our goal of being New Zealand´s leading place to work and study.“

Goethe-Institut Libanon


Non-profit German cultural association operational worldwide with 159 institutes

“If I were only to describe Lebanon with associations that first come to mind when I think of the country, then it would be music, red lipstick, convertibles, food, lots of food, laughter, dance, children, happy old people. "

University of Oslo


Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages

„Traditions are more important than violence when rebel forces govern in the middle East.“

„Since the 2010s, ISIS soldiers have swept into the Arab world brandishing Sharia law in one hand and a Kalashnikov in the other. The vision of establishing a large and long-lasting Islamic regime did not succeed in either Iraq or Syria, and the jihadists were chased from most areas during 2017.“

University Vienna


Equality and diversity 

"Based on the question of gender equality, the Equality and Diversity Department deals with equal opportunities for all university members."

Wladimir Kaminer


Writer and columinist

“Of course, children need freedom to develop, but they don't get it for free. Freedom has to be fought for from the first day of life. "

Raul Aguayo Krauthausen

Peru / Germany

Activist for inclusion and social projects

“People with disabilities must lead the way on the path to an inclusive society. Today on May 5th, the European Day of Protest on Equality for People with Disabilities, we should be particularly aware of the importance of taking our fate into our own hands. "

Dunja Hayali

Germany / Iraq

Journalist and television presenter

"Not an inch for extremists, terrorists, radicals, liars and populists who divide us and want to play us off against each other off!"


Seoul National University

South Korea

College of Social Sciences, South Korea


„Fast changing social environment, however, prods us to rethink the role of university education and to seek for new research initiatives. To cope with the emerging challenges CSS makes efforts to extend its educational and research networks, define the goals of multidisciplinary inquiries, and play a central role in formulating SNU´s common vision.“

UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


CEPE - Centro de Enseñanza Para Extranjeros

“La experiencia acumulada en casi un siglo se manifiesta en su sólida oferta académica; el CEPE ha contribuido al reconocimiento internacional de la UNAM y ha sido un espacio de difusión cultural mediante los cursos de educación continua abiertos al público en general.”

UnB, Universidade do Brasil


Facultad de Educación y Ciencias

“La Facultad de Educación y Ciencias liderará la formación de profesionales críticos e innovadores, comprometidos con la problemática regional y nacional, capaces de intervenir  en la solución de problemas sociales, culturales y educativos del contexto regional y nacional, con una capacidad interactiva investigativa y pedagógica en constante construcción a partir de la interacción entre los saberes y la realidad educativa.”

Prof. Navid Kermani

Germany / Iran

Writer and publicist

“Unlike the United States of America, most European nation-states have developed on the basis of homogenization; historically they are based on the ideal of a unity of blood, culture, language and religion. "

Qatar National Library


“The mission of Qatar National Library is to preserve the nation's and region's heritage and enable the people of Qatar to positively influence society by creating an exceptional environment for learning and discovery.”

“The Library will achieve its mission by creating and sustaining an intuitive and trusted information environment in a culturally and technologically exceptional setting and by developing innovative programs and services.”

Addis Ababa University


“Addis Ababa University's mission is to produce competent graduates, provide need-based community service and produce problem-solving research through innovative and creative educational, research and advisory services to further the country's social and economic development.”

BUI - Bangkok University International


„Bangkok Univerity provides a creative learning environment and a wide range of international programs. With our hands-on and practical curricula, you will be equipped with an international mindset and professional skills for the globalized job market.“

Kdei Karuna Organization


Politically neutral peacebuilding NGO, Cambodia

„Kdei Karuna – meaning „compassionate action to heal“ in Sanskrit – aims to contribute to sustainable peace efforts by addressing the scars of conflict inflicted over decades of instability and war.“

The Story Kitchen


Nonprofit organization, Nepal

„TSK is driven by the passionate belief that upholding the stories of women can unravel systems of gender oppression and patriarchy that continue to exist in Nepal. The domination of stories from men´s perspectives leaves women out of the history of Nepal and fails to recognize the extent to which women are currently contributing and have always contributed to the development of the country.“

IUU - International University of Ulaanbaatar


KU - Kampala University


Students with Disabilities/Uganda

„Kampala University is a fountain of knowledge, which produces holistic and all round graduates who become vanguards of change in the community. This philosophy is founded on a society, which needs graduates who are competitive in the job market, academically, morally and socially. It is the University´s belief, firm hope and desire that Uganda as a nation, the East and Central Africa Region, and indeed the whole world become transformed into a developed common society economically, culturally and academically which should act as a vehicle of development in all areas and at all levels.“

University of Edinburgh


School of Chemistry – Equality and Diversity / Schottland

„We strive to provide an equitable work and study environment for anyone, at all levels within the School, and recognise that proactive approaches are required to achieve this.“


Independent University Bangladesh


Department of Social Sciences and Humanities / Bangladesh

„Our mission is to achieve the goals of higher education and of sustainable economic growth in the country through a two-way relationship between community and university.“

University of Nairobi


Centre for Human Rights and Peace / Kenya

„An educational centre of excellence for the creation of an inclusive society that values and respects human rights and peace.“

Universidad de Sucre


Facultad de Educación y Ciencias

“La Facultad de Educación y Ciencias es una unidad básica y fundamental de la estructura académica y administrativa de la Universidad de Sucre y, en tal sentido, su  misión es  la misma que ha sido definida para su organismo rector; tiene como quehaceres esenciales la investigación, producción y aplicación de conocimiento definido para la formación de profesionales que puedan comprender y actuar ante la problemática educativa y científica en la perspectiva del desarrollo integral humano y sostenible.”

University of Dubai

United Arab Emirates

International Collaboration

„The University of Dubai is one of the top accredited universities in the UAE – professional and bold, with community, Innovation and diversity permeating all its activities.“

UIR - Université Internationale de Rabat


The Innovative University

“Our mission is to produce and transmit knowledge and values for future societies.” 

IUGB - International University of Grand-Bassam

Ivory Coast

Student Life and Services Department / Elfenbeinküste

„I want to express my gratitude to IUGB for helping to prepare me to meet the future.“

SYLLA Kadidjata Ben Aly, Class of 2018

Université de Lomé


Facualty of Humanity and Social Sciences/Togo

„Research within the University of Lome favors an interdisciplinary, international approach.“



University of Colombo

Sri Lanka

Faculty of Education / Sri Lanka

„Its mission is to facilitate the development of committed professional educators with relevant AHarvAReknowledge, favourable attitudes and useful skills for teaching research and service to the nation.“

UNAM - University of Namibia


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences / Namibia

„Our aim is to develop our students to become creative, inquisitive and learned individuals in their subject of choice and to equip and prepare them for a rapidly changing world. Our graduates are well prepared to serve the community both locally and internationally. It is also our aim to empower all faculty members to develop to their fullest potential as academics and researchers in order to guide and mentor students and fulfil the mission of the university. “

University of Lilongwe


College & University in Lilongwe, Malawi

“Our Vision is to become a premium teaching and research private university focused on producing competent and productive national and global citizenry that fit into the Africa 63 agenda and beyond.”

Society of Haitian Neuroscientists


UNAH - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras


Facultad de Humanidades y Artes

“Empoderados de valores que los motiven a ser promotores de los cambios profundos que su entorno necesite; defensores y conservadores del medio ambiente y promotores de la identidad nacional a fin de contribuir al desarrollo, transformación y fortalecimiento de una cultura de paz y democracia participativa.”

Free University of Bolzano


Internationally oriented, multilingual university (German, Italian, English and Ladin)

“The Free University of Bolzano practices and promotes the free exchange of opinions, scientific knowledge, the ideas of European humanism and a coexistence according to democratic principles. An important characteristic is the multilingualism and the international composition of the students and professors. "


University of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Premier University of the South Pacific

“The Mission of The University of Papua New Guinea is to deliver excellent education and research results for nation building and global advancement towards an innovative and empowered society.”

Palestine Ahliya University


Private Institution for higher Education

“Aiming to be an entrepreneurial, smart university, distinguished by higher education, scientific research and knowledge dissemination, in service of the Palestinian society and humanity.”


University of Iceland


„The University of Iceland is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all fields and strives to be at the forefront in all areas of equality. Various measures are employed in order to do this, one being an ambitious equality policy which encompasses both staff and students. A great deal of important equality work is done at the University by various departments, research centres, and individuals as well as students and their grassroots organisations.”

Dublin Citiy University


„I am proud to lead Dublin City University on the next phase of its remarkable journey. DCU is a beacon of excellence in research, innovation, engagement, and opportunity. Now with more than 18,000 students, we are recognised for providing life-changing educational opportunities, backed by world class expertise in teaching and learning. Our mission to `transform lives and societies` is reflected in DCU´s many Initiatives to broaden access to higher education, and in our impactful research addressing the challenges facing our world today.”

Universidad Central de Venezuela


Facultad de Humanidades y Education

„La FHE es una institución de vanguardia que conjugando tradición y modernidad es reconocida nacional e internacionalmente por la calidad y prestigio de sus enseñanzas, investigaciones, actividades de extensión e iniciativas para enriquecer el acervo cultural de la nación.”

UTT - University of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

„UTT´s primary focus is on the development of Trinidad and Tobago. With its genesis in the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Technology (TTIT), UTT initially focused on programmes, however, go far beyond engineering and technology to a fuller spectrum of educational opportunities where experiential learning programmes are incorporated into the traditional Learning environment.”

Universidad Pedagógica de El Salvador

El Salvador

Facultad de Educación

„La creación de un mejor mañana y la transformación positiva de nuestro mundo son compromisos que la Universidad Pedagógica de El Salvador toma como propios y que nos permiten reflexionar sobre el camino que hemos elegido para poder ser un agente catalizador de los mismos.“

UNEPH - Université Episcopale d'Haïti


Sciences de la communication et des Relation Publiques

„L’homme, créé à l’image de Dieu, n’est nullement condamné à évoluer dans l’ignorance et la misère et l’Eglise, à côté de sa mission d’évangélisation, doit pouvoir oeuvrer à l’amélioration des conditions socioculturelles de l’humanité. "

New Bulgarian University


„Always new, always different, NBU will surprise you with even more detailed information, unexpected connections, references to events, documents and links, dynamic layout und messages designed to provoke.”

Education University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

„At EdUHK, view the world through a global lens! Global Lens is a new initiative whose aim is to empower EdUHK students to explore and connect the world without geographical constraints. It provides them with an expanded worldview so that they are ready to create a positive impact in a global context!”

University of Kurdistan Hewlêr

Kurdistan / Iraq

School of Social Sciences

“Since its inception, the goal of the School of Social Sciences (SSS) has been to prepare students to become the ambassadors of a future generation of citizens capable not only of leading the development of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, but also of understanding and meeting the challenges of our globalized world.”

National Taiwan University


„Now, the university has 11 colleges, with 54 departments and 108 graduate institutes, plus over 50 national und university-level research centers. The total number of students, including those enrolled at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, has grown to over 32,000, including over 17,000 university students and 15,000 graduate students. Now, the number of graduate students at NTU almost equals the number of university students, which indicates that NTU has successfully been transformed into a research university.”

University of Macau


„The University of Macau (UM) is an international comprehensive university. Since her establishment in 1981, UM has been dedicated to providing a multifaceted education through our educational model and residential college system and in accordance with the university motto: Humanity, Integrity, Propriety, Wisdom and Sincerity.”

American University in Cairo


„Founded in 1919, AUC is a leading English-language, American-accredited institution of higher education and center of intellectual, social and cultural life of the Arab world. Its community of students, parents, faculty and staf, trustees, alumni and other generous sponsors represent more than 60 countries. The University stands as a crossroads for the world´s cultures and a vibrant forum for reasoned argument, spirited debate and understanding across the diversity of languages, facilities and human experiences.”

University of the Bahamas


As the national tertiary level institution for the country, we are mindful of our role in the community and we encourage our students to be involved in and conceive of community initiatives. We are a studentcentered Institution and we seek to improve the lives of students, not only through our teaching in the classroom, but also through a campus life experience that is growing and thriving. At UB, faculty and staff go above and beyond to ensure that our students have an excellent academic “living and learning” experience.”

AMA - International University of Bahrain


„AMA International School is proud to have its roots in Bahrain society, with a long-term commitment to the country and a recognition that education is at the heart of a thriving and sustainable modern economy. AMAIS is a school embedded in the local community but with an international outlook.”

University of Helsinki


„The University of Helsinki is Finnland´s largest and oldest academic institution. Since 1640, it has contributed to the establishment of a fair and equal society that is considered the best in the world according to a number of indicators. Today, this multidisciplinary academic community solves problems that concern all of us, also on a global scale.”

Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

„A Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, enquanto instituição de ensino superior pública, tem por missão servir a sociedade a nível local, regional e global, pelo avanço e disseminação do conhecimento e da compreensão entre culturas, sociedades e pessoas, através de um ensino e de uma investigação de excelência e de uma prestação de serviços sustentados num forte sentido de comunidade.“

Örebro University


„Our vision is to be a university that leads towards a knowledge-driven society.”

University of Amsterdam


„The University of Amsterdam is the Netherlands´ largest university, offering the wildest range of academic programmes. At the UvA, 30,000 students, 6,000 staff members and 3,000 PhD candidates’ study and work in a diverse range of fields, connected by a culture of curiosity.”

University of Karachi


„The University of Karachi has an ever-growing body of diverse Alumni and is spanning over areas like Social and Biological Sciences, Management and Administrative Sciences, Pharmacy, Islamic Studies, Law, Medicine, Engineering and Education. The Bond that our students form with their alma mater will strengthen even further once they become alumni.”

University of Copenhagen


„Research, education and dissemination of knowledge are the University´s core activities. To handle the foundation and the facilities, a number of administrative and technical functions are tied to the University on various levels and involving many different tasks.”

Yerevan State University


„University of Yerevan is the oldest continuously operating public university in Armenia. Founded in 1919, it is the largest university in the country. It is thus informally known as Armenias´ “mother university”.”

Olga Tokarczuk


Writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature

„Fiction is always a kind of truth.”

"If we leave aside all theological doubts, we can regard this figure of a mysterious, affectionate narrator as something wonderful and significant."

“Perhaps in order not to get lost in the variety of book titles and author names, we began to divide the Leviathan body of literature into genres. We treat them like different sports and the writers as their specially trained actors. "

Université d'Antananarivo


Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines

‘’Penser globale, agir national", telle est la ligne conductrice qui portera toute la politique et les actions de l’Université."

University of Ghana


„Our programmes are grounded in rigorous, broad-based liberal arts curriculum that develops students´ knowledge, analytical abilities, research skills and creativity.”

University of Liberia


„Beneath this effort was the belief that the “Republic of Liberia ought to have within itself the means of educating its citizens for all the duties of public and private.” Against this background, Professor Simon Greenleaf, the Harvard College Law Professor, who drafted Liberia´s Independence Constitution in 1847, led the effort to establish Liberia College.”

Ateneo De Manila University


„This is one of our humble ways that we can contribute to the whole nation approach to security where civil servant from other government agencies interacts with fellow students coming from the AFP in a healthy exchange of ideas and promote meaningful partnership.”

Wesley Enoch


Art director of the Sydney Festival

„Artistic directors of companies or Festivals, we`re kind of an unelected parliament in some respects. We`re there to offer leadership and analysis. Our job is about trying to keep provoking people to think in many different ways. It doesn´t always mean we succeed. Sometimes we have to fail miserably to try to stay out there to take risks.“

UnIA - Universidade Independente de Angola


Ciêncas de comunicaçao

“O objectivo da licenciatura em Ciências da Comunicação é o de dotar os nossos licenciados de instrumentos técnicos e científicos que lhes permitam o exercício de algumas profissões específicas na área da comunicação como é o caso do Jornalismo e Televisão.”

Université de Lubumbashi

Democratic Republic of Congo

Faculté de Santé publique

« Par son orientation philosophique, le dynamisme de l’autorité académique, le dévouement de la communauté estudiantine, l’Université de Lubumbashi est fortement sollicitée tant par les étudiants étrangers d’Afrique, pour des formations complètes,  que par les étudiants européens, comme stagiaires et chercheurs. « 

Singapore Chee Chung Huay


Free Clinic

“With the help of a pool of dedicated volunteers who are qualified Chinese physicians and other helpers, you have provided free medical consultation and medicine, attending to not less than one million patient visits, or about 100 patients per day, over the last 30 years. What is good is that you have offered this service to all the races including Chinese, Malays, Indians and others. This broad-mindedness of your committee represents a beautiful part of our society, that is, in our country, we are ever willing to help one another, regardless of race and religion.”

IUMW - International University of Malaya-Wales

Malaysia / Wales

„Our vision is to be an exemplary and innovative international higher education institution renowned for its graduates who are relevant to global demands and create value for the open and collaborative world of business, social science, arts, science and technology.”

University of Fribourg


„You won´t find a campus in Fribourg: the town itself is the campus! With 10,000 students among a total of 40,000 inhabitant, life in the town is shaped by the University like nowhere else. This unique combination of medival heritage and vibrant student life lends it an incomparable charm.”

Prof. Dr. Onur Güntürkün

Turkey / Germany

Professor of Biopsychologie

“Our thinking is by no means as brilliant and straightforward as we think. Images, gestures and sentences are chaotically mixed up. Our cerebral cortex is seething." 

Prof. María do Mar Castro Varela



“Migrants represent the numerically largest group of the so-called “working poor”. In other words, people who, despite having a job, do not achieve an income above the poverty line. The global increase in flexibility and the increase in precarious employment, which is also related to the dismantling of the welfare state, hit especially those who are affected by multiple dynamic exclusion regimes. "

University of Mauritius


„This new vision empowers the UoM to play an active role in building the human, intellectual, business and social capital needed for our country to develop an innovation-based economy.”

University of Luxembourg


„Founded in 2003, the University of Luxembourg is the only public university of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Mutilingual, international and research-oriented, it also a modern institution with a personal atmosphere.”

Global Disability Watch


„Global Disability Watch (2014-2018) was a one stop platform monitoring, collating and reporting timely, accessible and usable ground driven information on disability rights violations and development policy and practise from a range of global contexts, prioritising the global south.”

University of Rwanda


„Mission: To support the development of Rwanda by discovering and advancing knowledge, committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, where students are prepared for lives of service, leadership and solutions.”

Untref - Universidad nacional de tres de febrero


“En la actualidad, la Educación Especial requiere revisar, interrogar e interpelar nuestras prácticas a nivel de la interfase que presenta este ámbito, entre salud y educación.
Esta perspectiva se impone a partir de los cambios que se fueron produciendo a lo largo de los años y hoy nos plantea mirar y escuchar al cuerpo del niño a la luz del paradigma vigente de educación inclusiva, la nueva ley de Educación Nacional y los Derechos Universales con el fin de realizar un abordaje sustancial y significativo.”