change of perspective (DR. FARAJ REMMO)

A short introductory video about myself.


My name is Faraj Remmo and I was born in 1969 in Beirut as a Kurd and grew up in Berlin. I am dedicated to a wide variety of projects with a focus on inclusion and participation, currently my focus is on educational multiple self-placement. After my studies of sociology and educational science I did my PhD in this field. I am also employed as a research assistant at the University of Bielefeld in the fields of diversity and inclusion.



I am currently working on the development of an approach to participatory diversity. The approach is dedicated to the overarching questions "How can peaceful coexistence in a heterogeneous society succeed? "How can people who are/are disadvantaged by existing circumstances in certain situations be satisfied with their lives" and "How is communication with those who think differently possible?

Education and Profession

Centre for Teaching and Learing (ZLL)
Bielefeld University

Staff of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL), Diversity, Inclusion and Participation, University of Bielefeld

2011 - Present
Faculty for Educational Sciences
Bielefeld University

Research assistant at the faculty for Educational Sciences, University of Bielefeld

2006 - 2011
Bielefeld University

Dissertation project "Intercultural opening in the migration society - The Process of constituting the Office for Integration and Intercultural Affairs of the city of Bielefeld".

2006 - 2010
Diploma thesis
Bielefeld University

Diploma thesis of the Faculty of Sociology "'Nothing against foreigners – but that The media's influence on public opinion on migrants.

2001 - 2006
Diploma in education and sociology
Bielefeld University

Degree as a certified pedagogue and certified sociologist

2000 - 2005
General advanced technical college entrance qualification

2000 - 2001
Graduation (Realschule)

1999 - 2000
Graduation (Hauptschule)

1998 - 1999

Linguistic proficiency

[Englisch, Very good knowledge]; [Arabic, fluent]; [Kurdish, Native speaker]; [German, fluent]; [Italian, Basics]; [French, Basics]; [Turkish, Basics]

Further education

[Person-centered counseling, (2 years)]; [Solution-focused consulting, (1 year)]; [Mediation and conflict resolution, (1 ½ years)]; [Coaching, (1 year)]; [Advanced training, Systemic consulting, (2 years)]

Extra-university commitment

Initiator of the price „Danke“

People all over the „world” are being rewarded for their work in terms of Integration, Inclusion, Diversity and Participation honoured.

2017 - Present
Initiator of the hiking participation prize „Danke Bielefeld“

Bielefeld’s citizens and Bielefeld’s institutions will be honoured for their work in integration, inclusion, diversity and participation

2015 - Present
Development of the cultural concept of the city of Bielefeld

2013 - 2015
Participants of the event „Politics for and with people with disability” in the German Bundestag.

Scientific companion of the project “World tour through living rooms”

2011 - 2013
Development of the integration concept of the city of Bielefeld

2010 - 2013



Sensitivity for differences. In: A sure instinct for variety. The project Diversity in the daycare center of the AWO OWL. A Practical handbook for educators. Löhne

Hamburg: Kovac.

Intercultural opening in the migration society- The process of constituting the Office for Integration and intercultural affairs of the city of Bielefeld, University Bielefeld, dissertation of the Faculty of Education. Hamburg: Kovac.

Bielefeld University, diploma thesis of the Faculty of Sociology.

“Nothing against foreigners - but the boat is full!”: The influence of Media on public opinion about migrants. University Bielefeld, diploma thesis of the Faculty of Sociology.


Teaching experience at Bielefeld University

My previous courses at Bielefeld University can be found under the following link:

Scholarships, prizes, awards

  • 2018 - Medal of Merit of the Federal Republic Germany
  • 2014 - Integration prize of the city of Bielefeld
  • 2007 to 2009 - Scholarship of the Lechler Foundation
  • 2006 - State award for civic engagement NRW


Member of the Faculty of Education

2018 - Present

Arminia Bielefeld (supporting membership)

2014 - Present

Citizens‘ Committee of the city of Bielefeld (as a competent citizen)

2013 - Present

Migration and Disability Network

2012 - Present

NAVEND – Center of Kurdish studys e.V.

2010 - Present

Intercultural Network East Westphalia-Lippe by Entrepreneurs and academics e.V.

2010 - Present

Advisory board of the city of Bielefeld for disability issues

2003 - Present

Member of the Integration Council of the City of Bielefeld

2000 - Present

Member of the party Bündnis 90/ die Grünen

2000 - Present